Our Strength

Brand Assurance

  • Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing
  • Current sophisticated manufacturing facilities, able to deal with large production volumes and to increase the productivity in larger scale
  • We venture in serving customers from both regional as well as multi-national clientele

Premium Quality

  • Specialized food technologists to strengthen our technical aspects in order to achieve the desired food standard
  • Advance technology brought in with pledge for better product quality, efficiency and value
  • Use only selected ingredients of premium quality
  • All pastes are prepared from standardized recipes to ensure quality and consistency
  • The production line goes through several stages such as sorting, washing, frying, packing and sterilizing which are carried out by a group of skilled workers with high level of training

Certification and Accreditation

  • We have built up established standard at the production site and introduced quality control measures to ensure that our processing line is maintained at highly controlled environment.
  • We practice good manufacturing procedure (GMP) and our company is certified with HACCP, ISO22000:2009 and MeSTI
  • We comply with international standard and always recognize food safety management as an integral part of our operations by carrying out stringent monitoring


  • New flavorsÂ’ offering with more variation and choices which suit to customersÂ’ products applications other than helping to diversify their products offering and increases their menu listing
  • Carry out researches to develop new flavor for our customers


  • All of our pastes are results of continuous research, development and innovation to ensure continuous improvement of our product quality and also to provide customers with more choices


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